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Sunday – November 8th, 2015 – Halifax, Nova Scotia

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The Lucky Seven Relay FINISHERS Medal is Halifax’s First Magnetic Medal.  BLING that is stunning alone but when your team has their medals together…bam… pow…swoosh… kaboom… AWESOME!  And if you did Sole Sisters Women’s Race or the Epic Canadian 5/10K Run for Canada you will get a second medal. ONE RACE = TWO MEDALS!

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November wraps up the race season with a team event called Lucky 7 Relay.  Racers are encouraged to create dream teams of three to compete in a team half-marathon. However, you can create a team of two for a team 14K or race the relay as an individual 7K. And WALKERS are welcome, just make sure you register for the first or second relay leg so you do not have to worry about time.  If you have any questions at all, watch this video!
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We do encourage you to bring your luck and your sense of fun.  Cross the finish line in 7th, 77th or 777th and you will win $100!  Or you can wear a costume to win as we also award $100 to each of the three best costumes (i.e. team uniforms) in the relay!

How to register -there are 3 EASY STEPS to registering:

Step 1) Pick a team captain.

Step 2) The team captain will register the team name and pay for their personal  registration fee. The team captain’s confirmation email will include a password, he/she will forward the team name and password to the other 2 team members.

Step 3) The 2 team members will then register and pay their personal registration fee each and indicate which team they are joining.

*A team of one or a team of two still follows this process.  If you are running individually then you are a team of one and captain of your one-person team.